HRMS Product Overview

SysforeHRMS is an independent, stand-alone software application that helps the Human Resource department of an organization to automate and streamline its daily processes. It enables the creation of comprehensive employee records to aggregate, manage and report on all employee related information during the complete lifespan of service of the employee with the organization.

SysforeHRMS offers fully integrated functionality enabling HR and Payroll departments to simplify their daily tasks. Its broad set of features comfortably allows for small and medium sized businesses to manage their workforce efficiently and engagingly.

Features of SysforeHRMS

  • Human Resource Information System
  • Payroll Management
  • Employee Self Service Portal (Optional Add-on)

While a HRMS can function independently, in most cases, the full benefits are achieved when the HRMS is integrated with the company’s ERP.

SysforeHRMS was originally developed as an add-on module for the Openbravo ERP community in mid 2011. Since then, besides several implementations within the Openbravo community of users, the product has been repackaged and enhanced to serve the wider audience of Human Resource professionals across the world, not limiting them to a specific ERP platform.

Today, SysforeHRMS can be deployed as a stand-alone, independent software application and is further customizable based on specific requirements sought by the customer. It can also be custom integrated with a customer’s ERP of choice and other third party applications as needed.

Benefits of SysforeHRMS

  • Completely web-based application
  • Is a software system (open platform) based on open standards with external application programming interfaces (API) that allow using the software to function in other ways than was originally intended, without requiring modification of the source code
  • True ERP integration support
    • Payroll processing can be integrated to directly affect Financial Accounts, by mapping it to Chart of Accounts
    • Ability to use HR Organization Structure to define and route workflow-based business processes. E.g.: Purchase Approvals, Overtime Authorizations, Business Expense Approvals, etc.
    • Use HR organization structure to map resources to different cost centers, profit centers, etc., for improved dimensional accounting and reporting
  • Enhanced User Engagement through better usability and appealing user interface
  • Easier to support, deploy, maintain, administer, extend and backup
  • Lower total costs of
    • Ownership
    • Continued operational expenses

Technology Platform:

Sysfore HRMS is built on the base of Openbravo ERP, the leading open source community edition ERP platform. The underlying technology platform is built on open source technology and features a state-of-the-art foundation from both a technological and functional point of view. The platform has an underlying ERP application framework, follows a model driven development, is modular and executed on principles of Rich Internet Architecture (RIA), using Java and lightweight J2EE.The platform supports multiple databases too.