Initial Data Import & SetUp

The import functionality facilitates bulk import of data into the payroll system, with a provision to validate the data being imported.

Some of the import functionalities provided are :

  • Import Employee: This provides for a bulk import of employee records into the system, and is required as part of the initial setup
  • Import Attendance: This functionality is used to import monthly attendance data from third party Time & Attendance Systems like biometric devices and smart cards. It is normally used in order to compete a payroll run for employees, as payroll is processed based on this information imported
  • Import OT Authentication: This provides for an import of overtime approvals into the system
  • Import Address: Employee location/address details like present and permanent address can be imported into the system
  • Import Reimbursement: Employee reimbursement request details can be imported into the system
  • Import Experience/Qualification: Prior experience and qualification details of employees can be imported into the system
  • Import Passport/Visa Details: Employee personal passport/visa details and dependents like spouse, parents and children's details can be imported

For all imports, predefined excel file templates are provided with sample data, to help HR personnel put together the prepared files for import.

After the files are uploaded, the import functionality displays if the imports have been successful. A validation is performed in the background, which reports to the user any discrepancies with respect to the data being imported. The user will have to correct the data to finally complete the import process.