Leave Management

This feature automates the tasks of recording leaves and controlling these against leave policies defined in the HR system. It has the ability to record and track employee leaves. Also there is the capability to define different types of leaves and corresponding rules applicable to an organization.

SysforeHRMS allows for the capability to define different “Leave Types” and further define “leaves” and associate them to a leave type. Settings and rules allow for leaves to be defined in multiple ways:

  • based on maximum limit per year
  • if earned
  • if it lapses after a period
  • if it is auto credited, or can be carried forward
  • If encashable etc.

The system is flexible enough to be able to define several types of leaves and set rules against them- like Earned leave, Casual Leave, Sick Leave, Maternity Leave, etc.

Other highlights and capabilities include :

  • Recording leave opening balances of employees--Leaves will be assigned once in a year
  • Ability to add a leave requisition process, and a leave approval workflow
  • The existing leave balances of employees can be modified using the Leave Adjustment functionality
  • From time to time, an employee can encash his/her leaves when they are due to expire at the end of the year, or when an employee resigns, by using the Leave Encashment functionality
  • Leave Tracking Reports