Reimbursements Management

Separate screens are provided for HR team members to be able to add details for a Reimbursement Request on behalf of an employee. While recording the reimbursement claim request, scanned copies of supporting documents like bills, approvals etc. can be attached to the record.

Reimbursements claims types and their definitions can be defined as part of the master data.

If SysforeHRMS is being used along with the Employee Self Service Portal, reimbursement claims can be submitted by employees directly from the portal itself. A workflow process can be triggered to get approvals from higher-ups, depending on the position of the employee in the organization hierarchy and the policy/rules defined, like amount limits, claim frequency limits, etc.

Different types of expense claim reimbursements can be handled by the system and include:

  • Travel Expense Reimbursements
  • Business Entertainment Expense Reimbursements
  • Internet, Mobile, Telephone Expenses
  • Books and Journals
  • Bank, Finance, Administrative charges