Team & Work Shift Management

Work shift Management

Managers can use the Work Shift feature to manage employee work schedules across 24 hours of the work day including regular work shifts, long-term night shifts and work schedules in which employees change or rotate shifts.

For companies that have employees working in different shifts, the system has the capability to define shifts, shift timings and shift rules. Employees can be assigned to different shifts. Customized functionality to plan forward and manage employee rosters can be integrated. This functionality is most useful in environments like Quick Service Restaurants, Hospitals, Emergency Public Services, etc.

In defining shifts, the HR team can name a shift, set work timings, define breaks and overtime applicability. Multiple shifts can be defined, and the HR team can assign employees to these defined shifts.

Team Management

The system has the capability to define teams, and assign employees to these different teams. Apart from the formal categorization of employees by HR Organization Unit, designation and pay grade categories, this division is more in line with being able to associate employees with different user-defined groups for enhanced dimensional and analytical reporting.

For example, you can bunch together a set of employees under the “Six Sigma Initiative” team or the “ERP Consulting” Team.

Overtime Management

The system has capabilities to allow HR users to define different slabs for overtime, and apply pay rates against each. Also if required, overtime payments can be executed only if approvals are received for the same. Overtime is not calculated automatically based on attendance and time sheet data, but has to be HR user or employee registered requests.