Payroll Management System

The payroll module in SysforeHRMS handles all requirements relating to accounting and management of an employee's payroll. It is seamlessly integrated with the HRIS on which it relies for employee-level master data, and all other relevant data that affect the monthly payroll of an employee, for example- leave balance, overtime approvals, business reimbursement claim approvals, company calendar, loan EMI’s etc.

Payroll Master settings are defined in the HR Organization Structure and Pay Organization Structure in the HRIS. Here, we have ability to set and define pay components such as additions, deductions and tax tables to manage the payroll calculation process. Employees having the same salary structure are grouped and associated with a particular pay grade, and their salaries are computed based on the additions and deductions applicable to that pay grade. Pay definitions can be formula based, or based on another pay element. HR personnel can generate payslips, and access historical employee payroll reports.

The payroll module can easily be integrated with biometric and third party time & attendance machines, and allows for an import function to source this data and perform validations before taking up for a payroll run.

A lot of flexibility is built into the Payroll Run Process. Some of the highlights are :

1)The ability to run one-off bonus execution runs
2)The ability to run payroll for one employee or any number of employees
3)The ability to hold/stay a payroll run for select employee records
4)The ability to calculate payroll daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly for select employee records
In order to efficiently process staff earnings and deductions, the statutory regulations governing staff in a specific region/country have to be taken into consideration. Currently, the localized versions available for different geographic and regulatory environments are:
  • Standard Product: Worldwide / General
  • India
  • Middle East
  • USA(under development)

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Close integration among payroll and Time & Attendance modules enables you to process payroll based on attendance records
  • The ability to set and define pay components such as additions, deductions and tax tables
  • Process Payroll Run
  • Payroll integration with Financial Accounting:
    • Mapping payroll expenses to Financial Accounts
    • Rules for provisions accounting – set aside end of service benefits / accounting
  • Payroll Reporting
  • Multicurrency, Multi-company payroll processing
  • Provision for managing “End of Service” benefits like Gratuity and Full and Final Settlement
  • Ability to define unlimited pay grades, each having its own set of allowances and deductions
  • Built on Open standards based technologies
  • Can be deployed on 100% open source platforms and technologies
  • Can be deployed on-premise, or on cloud platforms