Sysfore HRMS For The Middle East Market

SysforeHRMS is available in a localized flavor that caters to the specific needs of the Middle East Market. Specific changes have been incorporated in the HRMS and Payroll modules to help HR professionals in the Middle East to work productively with the system in a manner that is more suited to their business environment.

Some key highlights of changes made for professional users of SysforeHRMS in the Middle East include:

  • Enhanced employee record fields to capture greater details like multiple addresses, dependent information, country-specific civil identification, passport, visa, employment contract, work permit and residence permit details
  • Document expiry alert notifications
  • Handling accruals of different types: leaves, gratuity, annual tickets, etc.
  • Defining gratuity, based on the number of working days, fixed days, calendar days, yearly, etc. with a provision to set maximum limits
  • Multiple calendar option allowing companies to operate in different working hours, multiple branches and multiple shifts
  • Any number of leave type definitions with parameter settings and basis of calculations
  • Attach scanned images as document proofs to employee records
  • Ability to manage overtime – setting rates for working days, fixed days, calendar days, yearly, etc.
  • Payroll payment through cash, cheque or bank transfers
  • Ability to Email payslips
  • Ticket entitlement with auto calculation of total ticket amount based on destination and number of dependents
  • UAE Wage Protection System readiness – preparation of SIF files, RFR files as per regulatory formats
  • Ability to support different pay codes , attendance rules and payroll and HR policies as applicable to different employee groups
  • Easy integration with Employee Self Service Portal with a provision to view payslips, handle business expense reimbursement requests, leave applications, overtime payment requests and authorizations