Support Options

Sysfore offers Silver and Gold Support Plans on the Solution. The specifications are as listed below.
Support OptionSilverGold
Support Tickets 5 10
Email Response Within 24 hours Within 12 hours
Phone Support Limited1 Working Hours Support
Dedicated Support Engineer No Yes
Upgrades for major stable feature releases of the base product in SourceForge 15% discount on 1st release 15% discount on all releases
Priority fixes (bug fixes upon customer demand)3 Within 5 to 7 business days(per bug fix) Within 2 business days(per bug fix)
Data Importing4 Available Available
User Guides5 Available Available

Notes :
  1. Maximum 5 hours per month. Additional hours will have to be approved for billing by the customer
  2. A patch may contain multiple bug fixes
  3. Depending on the severity of the bug, deadlines may vary
  4. Data import will be done for Employee records fields from csv or excel
  5. User guides will be provided only for standard SysforeHRMS