Sysfore HRMS – Employee Self Service Portal (ESSP) Pricing

The Employee Self Service Portal (ESSP) Module in Sysfore HRMS is usually deployed as an independent web application at the customer's hosting infrastructure.

Points you should take note of, before considering a purchase of Sysfore HRMS ESSP are:

  • Pricing for ESSP is based on the "Named User Licenses" (NUL) concept. Hence you will need to buy licenses for all employees/users who you intend to provide access to in the ESSP.
  • The minimum number of user licenses that can be purchased is 10. (Minimum purchase = 10 NULs)
  • ESSP is an add-on web application which requires Sysfore HRMS package to be installed and running as a prerequisite
  • ESSP will be provided as a web application to be deployed at the customer's hosting facility
  • Sysfore will provide deployment support and this includes installation support and license activation
  • Please note that once the license expires users will not be allowed to login into the ESSP until it is renewed.

Pricing for ESSP:

No.NULsPrice per NUL per annum in US$
1 10 (minimum) $10.00
2 11 to 25 $9.50
3 26 to 50 $9.00
4 51 to 250 $8.50

For purchases exceeding 250 users or NULs, please contact Sysfore Sales team for a custom quote.